Lale Saray - Social Life

Social Life

A full day of  vital activity throughout the seasons of the year

Unique location and beautiful view ... integrated luxury and unfinished services.

Sports facilities make your day lively and energetic. Service facilities to meet all your needs within the walls of the resort ...

Therapeutic and health facilities create an ideal environment for rest, recuperation and recovery ...

What do you need to enjoy life to its full? You may find all these things and more here ..!

Resort facilities

 Service Facilities

  1. coffee shop.
  2. Restaurant For West, Arab And Turkish meals.
  3. Garage.
  4. Commercial shops for all daily Requirements.
  5. Mosque.

Healthcare Facilities

  1. Clinics of Natural cure And  Body care.
  2. Rooms for Clay, salt, and acupuncture therapy.
  3. Rooms with sauna, Steam and Turkish bath.

Sports Facilities

  1. A varied sports court.
  2. Run track.
  3. Bicycles.
  4. An equipped gym.
  5. Public and private swimming pools.

Family Facilities

  1. Play areas for children.
  2. Places for walk And picnic
  3. Closed halls for Games and  Shopping.
  4. Wooden Cottages  to have the experience of rural life .