Lale Saray - Payment and investment plans

Payment and investment plans

What sets the “Lale Saray” resort apart from others is it’s comfortable payment plans and purchasing opportunities offered at competitive prices during the period of the establishment of the project. In addition, the management of the project developed an investing plan to help you invest your real estate with annual returns reaching up to 9% of your property value. We have an operational plan for investment real estate throughout the year.

  • First Payment Plan: Cash (10% off)

❖ The entire price of the apartment is paid in one payment after discounting  10%  of its price.

  • The second payment plan: Installment(5% off)

❖ 50% down payment

❖ The rest of the amount is Installed over 24 months.

  • Third payment plan: installment (without discount)

❖ 20% down payment

❖ 15% second payment “after one year”

❖ The rest of the amount is installed over 24 months.