Lale Saray - Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision: (all what you want in one place)

Splendor of the place - Integrated services - trust in  performance

Through the windows which  Lale Saray Resort overlooks, you will have charming, unique views of the lake. Our engineers used their accumulated expertise to execute this project and achieve maximum luxury, services, and pleasure for our residents.

How did we achieve all this at "Lale Saray" ...??

  • We have constructed an integrated service system. When you live with this absolute luxury, you will not want to go elsewhere.
  • A team worked for you, in order to choose this place and these views. We chose Turkey "the paradise on earth", specifically (Sapanca City).
  • At "Lale Saray", we are working actively in coordination with government agencies in Sapanca in order to make this groundbreaking project fully integrated with this touristic city.

The legal team of the project "Lale Saray" Worked to create suitable mechanisms and plans for purchasing, selling, and investing which proved you with security and reliability...