Lale Saray - Natural atmosphere at "Lale Saray" resort

Natural atmosphere at “Lale Saray” resort

The Story of Four Seasons at  “Lale Saray” resort

Once upon a serene winter night, you will sit at the window by the fireplace to see snowflakes falling before you, you will enjoy the beauty of winter while you live in warmth and peace.

During a lively summer day,  you will walk with your beloved through a wooden bridge to green lawns and majestic gardens.

As for the special hours of autumn, you will not miss them. The yellow foliage will rest under clear skies reflected on the surface of the blue lake behind you, granting you commemorative photos that you can’t take elsewhere.

The last season is spring with its unique weather, where Tulip flowers are around you, and the trees are full of colors, life, and beauty.

The story of the four seasons has not ended yet … !!!

At  “Lale Saray” Resort, we will live together with the weather of the fifth season.